IMAGE ONE Self Portraits / ‘Selfies’

Photographer: FKA Twigs

Year taken: 2014    twigs2 2


Music artist FKA Twigs has taken a close up Selfie of her face and hands where she is showing off her most recently painted nails and jewellery.

Colour Analysis

The colour pallet for this Selfie consists of red and brown tones. Red is a very strong and bold colour that is a traditional colour for women’s nails or lips. The background is what may appear to be a wall that is a cream tone. Her skin colour is beautifully bronzed and stands out from the cream coloured background.

twigs2 6

Spatial Organisation

The spatial organisation of this Selfie is almost shaped in a triangle. FKA Twigs has taken this Selfie including the top of her shoulders to the beginning of her hairline that has caused the base of the triangle to begin from the bottom, directing the viewer’s eyes to the top of her head.

twigs2 5

Twigs has chosen to take the photograph in front of a cream coloured wall. This has emphasised tone of her skin and the bright colour of her nails. Because she has chosen this choice of nail colour her hands have almost become an arrow to direct focus to her eyes.

twigs2 4

twigs2 3The Bottom half of the photograph begins at her eyes that almost play as a horizon line. The focus is most definitely on the nails as a whole as they take up a large amount of the photograph with emphasis on colour. The direction of her nails is angled from the right corner to the bottom left hand corner. This has created a direction for viewers to see the amount of jewellery FKA twigs is wearing as it is all seen in this general area.


FKA Twigs has edited the photo to look for contrasting and defined. There is a light source coming from the left hand side of her face and appears to be at a high range. There is shadowing on the right hand side on her nose and upper lip crease.

Expressive Content

FKA Twigs self-portrait has been taken showing a very serious facial expression. The musician has a well-done face of makeup and is wearing a large amount of jewellery. It appears that Twigs is promoting jewellery or making a fashion statement to her fans. In general Twigs is known for her own individual style in the fashion industry and is known for being a style icon to many. In this Selfie she is expressing a sense of appreciating of fashion and jewellery craftsmen.


Photographer: Aki Hoshide from NASA

Year taken: 2013




Japans Aki Hoshide is an astronaut from Aerospace Exploration Agency who has taken a Selfie in a very rare location. His Selfie shot was taken with a digital camera as he was floating outside his space shuttle in space.

Colour Analysis

There is very little colour in this Selfie except for a shimmer of blue in the reflection of the face cover in the lens. The background of the photo is black and the space suit is white with tones of grey and silver. This plain and basic colour pallet has been effective by not allowing colour to illustrate the environment. The tones of black and white have depicted the bareness and emptiness of space to viewers back at home.



Spatial Organisation

This photo is a traditional Selfie as the astronaut is taking it with his two hands. You can see the stretch in his arms holding out the digital camera. This has created a direction in the photograph that has directed the viewer to the reflective protection of the astronaut’s head.



o-SPACE-SELFIE-570 5This reflective glass shows what exactly the astronaut can see in front of him besides the camera. When the viewer looks closely you are able to see a sequence of backgrounds and levels. Firstly is the camera lens, behind this is the space shuttle, behind the space shuttle is what appears to be earth, and then behind earth is a sold background of black, otherwise identified as space.


In the background of the Selfie you can see a large light on the left hand side, in which may be understood by viewers as being the sun. The astronaut has used the suns light behind him as a perfect light source. There is shadowing on the right hand side where his body suit is not fully hit with light. You are also able to see this in the head reflection that the light is not even spread. Because the light has been placed on a particular side of the Selfie it creates automatic contrast and detail, this allows the viewer to show the definition of the suit and surroundings.

Expressive Content

This selfie taken by Aki Hoshide is a very powerful photograph as it shows the people that are on earth the environment in which the astronaut is living in, which isn’t much at all (aesthetically speaking) besides seeing the earth from afar. It gives the viewers a perspective on time and space from where the astronaut is situated and where we in the universe, that being in the horizon from his point of view.