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Selfies/ Self taken images

 Image 1

 Artist: Nicole Millar

Source: Nicole millar music – instagram

Year of creation: August 2014

 photo 1

Colour Analysis: 

The colours are quite de-saturated with high values used to stress certain features within the photo, for example the lips. This is emphasised with the high contrast of colours that give the image a smooth airbrushed look. The pastel pinks and reds emphasis a more feminine feel to the image.


The lighting in this image is quite good, representative of the techniques that many celebrities use to choreograph an image. The strong artificial light source highlights the frame of the woman. The brightness and contrast have both been turned up to leave the image with an airbrushed look.

Spatial Composition:

 The photo has quite an awkward spatial composition. As Nicole (the girl pictured) is positioned slightly off centre, it’s immediately created an open frame, as you’re wondering where she is looking. The camera is at eyelevel, making the horizon around her collarbones, creating a relationship between the viewer and the content. Although this isn’t very effective due to the fact that you can’t see her eyes, as her head is slightly ajar looking out of the frame.

There is quite a close distance between the subject and the viewer, again reiterating that sense of a relationship and friendliness.


Through the use of pastels, framing and lighting, there’s a sense of playfulness shown in the image. There are various compositional elements that reflect that of a professional photo shoot, and give the photo a kind of polished yet candid feel.

 photo 2



Artist: Kal Reston

Source: Kal_Reston @ Instagram

Year of creation: August 2013

Colour Analysis: 

The colours are quite heavily saturated with a blue hue filtered over the top of the photo. This adds value; stressing the colour of the blue floor and clothing Kal is wearing in the photo. The harmony of blue colours creates what looks like a more masculine feel to the image.


The artist has played with the effects of key lighting in this image to highlight certain parts of the image without actually using light at all. The artificial lights highlight the corners of the image, drawing the viewers’ eye to the front of the image where by contrast it’s dark. This effective use of light draws the viewers’ attention by using fill lights to create a focal point in the photo.

Spatial Composition:

The artist has created quite and effective composition. The photo has been taken at a high angle, making the focal point of the picture the subjects’ hand. The hand then leads the viewer eyes down to Kal (the man pictured), creating an effective special composition of the subject.

The photo is taken in a curved mirror, creating a panorama like effect, perfectly centring Kal in the middle of the frame plane.

There is a close shot distance between the viewer and the camera, suggesting a relationship between the viewer and the artist.


This photo seems quite representative of a males self taken image. This is shown through the saturated colours and blue hue filter combined with the designed position of view.