Student name: Sarah Dawson
Date of post: 14/9/2014
Topic and relevant lecture week: 5


Artist – Unknown
Title – Barbara Palvin
Year of creation – 2014
Collection/source – Twitter
Technique, material – Photograph
Genre – Self Portrait
Image URL / origin

A tight framed close-up portrait of a woman. The woman is looking straight at the camera with a neutral expression.

The photograph is highly de-saturated, creating feminine browns, blues and pinks.
The majority of her face is over exposed, creating soft high valued browns that give her face an impression of perfection. These light tones are contrasted against the dark tones in her hair.
Her eyes and lips are the only hint of colour in the photograph. Whilst they too are de-saturated, they have a lower value creating contrast against the soft face.

The shot is slightly overexposed, which is mostly caused from more than one light source. By the light tones on the left of face (viewer’s right), it is assumed that the main light source is coming from the right of the image. Secondary soft light sources fill the image to prevent harsh black tones.

Spatial Organisation
Due to the extreme close-up, there is no apparent horizon line or perspective lines. The woman’s facial features and clothing however guide the viewer around the image. As mentioned, the viewer’s eyes are slightly contrasted against the soft tones of the woman’s face; this makes them the focal point of the image.
From her eyes the viewer naturally follows the woman’s eyebrows down the check to her feather earing. The ‘v’ of her shirt directs the viewer to her hair and back up to her eyes

The full circle creates a rhythm highlighting her enticing, mysterious facial expression.


Artist – Miralo Dos Veces
Title – Day 36: mutation continues its pace.
Year of creation – 2014
Collection/source – Twitter
Technique, material – Photograph
Genre – Self Portrait
Image URL / origin –

The image shows a woman with a dog. The dog is positioned in a way that gives the illusion that the woman has a beard.

The image is slightly de-saturated creating a soft feminine feel. The values of the browns in the background vary, creating a halo around the woman. This also acts to create contrast between the woman’s hair and the background immediately behind her. This helps to highlight the main subject matter.

Spatial Organisation
The Dog, woman’s face and window seal are all off centre, leaving the entire right side of the image empty.

The lines of the Dog’s ears and mouth create an arrow that point upwards to the woman.

The viewer then follows the woman’s eyebrows up and back down to the bottom of the image, where the dog’s ears catch the viewer’s eye again. This creates a dynamic rhythm of two circles.

It is ambiguous where the horizon is but as it is obvious that the viewer is only slightly looking up at the woman, the horizon is most likely somewhere between the woman’s shoulders and cheekbones


These two portraits are very different to each another. The first image (Barbara Palvin), whilst made to look like a selfie, most likely had a team of stylists and art directors working on it. The shot is well lit to avoid highlighting any imperfections and the composition is also highly considered to frame her facial expression.

On the other hand, the dog beard photo is quite obviously a selfie. The way it is lit highlights the lines above her eyebrow and the halo around her head is not quite complete, allowing the viewer to get lost in the top left-hand corner of the photograph.