Student name: Sarah Dawson
Date of post: 14/9/2014
Topic and relevant lecture week: 6


Artist – Fitbit
Year of creation – 2013
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Image URL / origin –

The advert was produced by Fitbit to promote their (at the time) new Fitbit Flex. The Fitbit flex is pictured as a fitness band that is worn on the wrist. The advert also pictures a phone (which the user pairs with the band), a model wearing the band and sneakers, and text.

Semiotics Analysis
Through the semiotic framework, we can analysis the meaning of the advert and its signs.
Firstly the band gains meaning as a fitness tracker through the signs around it, making it a syntagmatic sign. The main sign working to give the band meaning is the images text. It is known as the anchor and “allows the viewer to choose between what could be a confusing number of possible denotive meanings” (Barthes 1977: 38-41) for the band. The photograph of the jogger reinforces this, however we gain meaning of the jogger in a very different way. In this case, we know what the person is doing by what it is not; for example, the model is not going out to a formal event because they are not wearing formal shoes. We also gain understanding of the sign through social and culturally encoded norms; that being that you wear supportive shoes when exercising.

The link between the phone and band is less obvious. Through compositional layout, it is clear that there is a link between the two but there is nothing visually to suggest what the link is. Instead, it relies on the viewer being pre-exposed to the way that advertising represents the invisible links between technologies.


Artist – Apple
Title – iPod
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The advert was produced as part of a series by apple in 2011 to advertise its iPod classic. The advert features a black silhouetted female figure on a bright pink background, holding and listening to a white iPod. This series of adverts were printing on many different types of media including billboards, bus stops and magazines.

Semiotics analysis
The representational and interactive meanings of this advert can be analysed using the semiotics framework.

The signs of the advert gain meanings from each other. Firstly, the silhouette of the woman can be read/understood as a dancing “diva” due to her pose. We also gain this meaning from the other signs in the advert such as the white line (head phones) connecting the diva to the white device. Signs that gain meaning from other devices like this are known as syntagmatic signs. In the same way, the white device gains its meaning (an iPod) from the headphones connected to it and from the iPod symbol in the top left hand corner (which is visually connected to the device through the use of colour).

Through the lack of eye contact, it can be assumed that the advert is offering something to the viewer. In this case, if we analyse the plain setting, the profile view of the silhouette and the distance; mid shot that represents social connection, we can assume that the advert is offering the opportunity to share the experience of “7500 songs in your pocket”. The black of the silhouette that allows the viewer to imagine him or herself in the advert reinforces this by allowing the viewer to imagine him or herself as the “diva”.

The setting is worth further analysis; its plainness suggests that with the device, the user can disappear into their own reality.